Overwatch 2 on Linux: The Complete Gamer's Guide

Overwatch 2 on Linux: The Complete Gamer's Guide

Linux gamers, rejoice! Overwatch 2, Blizzard Entertainment's latest team-based shooter, is now within your reach. While not officially supported on Linux, you can still join the fray by leveraging the Wine compatibility layer and Bottles app. This guide will take you through the steps to get Overwatch 2 up and running on your Linux system.

Preparing Your Linux System for Overwatch 2

Before diving into the installation process, ensure your Linux system is optimized for gaming. Check out our guide on optimizing Linux for Gaming to set up your system.

Installing Overwatch 2 on Linux

Step 1: Downloading and Setting Up Bottles

Bottles is an application that simplifies the use of Wine, making Windows applications more accessible on Linux.

  1. Download Bottles: If you're using a Steam Deck, switch to Desktop Mode and find Bottles in the Discover app. For other Linux distros, download it from the Bottles official website.
  2. Create a Gaming Bottle: Open Bottles and create a new Bottle specifically for gaming. This isolated environment ensures better compatibility and performance for your games.
  3. Install Caffe Runner: In Bottles settings, go to Runners and download Caffe, a runner optimized for gaming applications.

Step 2: Installing Battle.net and Overwatch 2

Blizzard's Battle.net is the gateway to installing and playing Overwatch 2.

  1. Install Battle.net: Inside your new gaming Bottle, navigate to the Installers section and install Battle.net.
  2. Install Overwatch 2: Once Battle.net is installed, use it to download and install Overwatch 2.

Step 3: Configuring Bottles for Steam Deck (Optional)

If you're using a Steam Deck, you can integrate Bottles into Steam for a smoother experience.

  1. Add Bottles to Steam: You can add Bottles to Steam to launch it in Gaming Mode. This step makes it easier to manage and run Overwatch 2 directly from your Steam library.
  2. Accessing Overwatch 2 in Gaming Mode: Once added, find Overwatch 2 in the Non-Steam section of your Library in Gaming Mode.

Post-Installation: Performance and Gameplay

Initially, you might experience performance lags due to shader compilation. Be patient as this is a one-time process, and performance will improve significantly afterward. For the best experience, avoid playing Ranked games until you've familiarized yourself with each map and allowed most shaders to compile.

Enhancing Your Overwatch 2 Experience on Linux

  • Customizing Settings: Dive into the settings to tailor Overwatch 2's performance to your system's capabilities.
  • Using Gamepads or Controllers: If you're not on Steam Deck, ensure your controllers or gamepads are configured correctly for the best gaming experience.

Keeping Overwatch 2 Updated

Regular updates are crucial for smooth gameplay and new features. Since Overwatch 2 is installed via Battle.net in Bottles, ensure you regularly check for game updates within the Battle.net client.

Need More Help?

If you're looking for additional tips on gaming on Linux or encountering specific issues, our article Linux Gaming Troubleshooting Tips can provide further assistance.


Playing Overwatch 2 on Linux might seem daunting, but with the right tools and some patience, it's entirely feasible. Follow this guide to enjoy one of the most popular multiplayer games on your Linux system.

Happy gaming, and welcome to the world of Overwatch 2 on Linux!