Free Parsec Alternative for Linux: Your Best Solutions for Game Streaming and Screen Sharing

Free Parsec Alternative for Linux: Your Best Solutions for Game Streaming and Screen Sharing
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Welcome, avid gamers and efficient professionals! Are you struggling to find a good Parsec alternative for Linux? Has screen sharing and game streaming become a challenge for you, especially all of your options seem to fade when it comes to Linux? Well, you're in the right place!

As gaming and remote work environments evolve, screen sharing and game streaming software have become increasingly important. While several options exist for different operating systems, Linux users often find their options limited. Parsec is one of the most common solutions in the market, recognized for its smooth user experience and strong functionality. However, not everyone can or wants to use Parsec. Some of you might be looking for Parsec alternatives, maybe because you need a free solution or for compatibility reasons.

Digging into Parsec: Why the Need for An Alternative?

Before diving into the alternatives, let's explore what Parsec is and why you may need an alternative. Parsec is a play gaming, cloud gaming platform, and screen sharing software. It provides responsive game streaming, allows friends to watch and play together, and makes it seamless to own a powerful gaming PC in the cloud.

However, Parsec isn't a perfect solution—particularly for Linux users. Its installation can be convoluted, and it requires significant system resources. Also, while Parsec offers a free tier, additional features require payment.

Your Top Parsec Alternatives

Here are some fantastic Parsec alternatives available for Linux, free of charge:

1. Steam Remote Play

One of the best alternatives is Steam Remote Play. Launched by Valve Corporation, one of the pioneers in the gaming industry, it allows users to play their games on any computer with a good internet connection. You can use it free and has great compatibility with Linux.

2. Moonlight Stream

For NVIDIA graphic card users, Moonlight Stream is an excellent alternative. It's an open-source client for NVIDIA's GameStream protocol. You can stream your game collection from your PC to your other computers over the internet. It's free, reliable, and highly compatible with Linux.

3. Rainway

Rainway is another powerful yet free Linux-compatible Parsec alternative. It allows you to play your favorite games on any device with an internet connection. With its smooth and user-friendly interface, Rainway delivers a quality user-experience.


While Parsec certainly holds a place as a robust game-streaming and screen-sharing option, it's important to remember that it's not the only player in the game. As we've demonstrated, viable free Parsec alternatives, such as Steam Remote Play, Moonlight Stream, and Rainway, exist — especially for Linux users.

Whether you're a hardcore gamer wanting to expand your gaming experience or a professional looking for efficient remote collaboration, exploring these alternatives might just uncover the perfect solution for your needs. Happy gaming, and productive screen sharing, folks!